Help with stripping paint off wood, remaining sticky residue

huangoSeptember 27, 2012

Help with stripping paint off wood, remaining sticky residue

Would really appreciate your suggestion on my stripping paint off my wood columns and beams project.

As you can see below (pix), I tried Citristrip gel (from Homedepot). It is great at removing the paint BUT BUT BUT it leaves this awful sticky residue that seems more painful to remove than the paint itself.

After 2 coats of Citristrip, there's still residue in between each grain of wood.

Then I tried to wipe it away with hot water and steel wool. That kinda worked, but I raised a lot of the grain with the water and the scrubbing, while making minor minor progress.

Half-water/vinegar was a joke.

Now I have dried Citristrip on the rest of my 1 beam and column and lots of sticky residue.

Please help.

Where do I go from here?

I am going to try Stripeze next (from local lumber store).

I would like to gel stain the beams/columns afterwards.

Thank you very much for your help,


Painted column:

After 1st coat/trial run:

Excited after trial went so well, I continued on.

I thought the white/cream was a 2nd layer of paint. But that's the sticky residue.

Can see the other beam (2nd column is on other side of brick fireplace):

After 2nd coat of Citristrip - still lots of sticky residue:

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I'd use mineral spirits.

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Time for some petroleum solvents.

Paint thinner, denatured alcohol, maybe even MEK.

I have head of comments about residue from the 'safe' strippers curdling the new coat of latex based primer.

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