liquid nails for mosaics

oldcraftyOctober 13, 2010

Has anyone ever used or heard of using liquid nails for mosaics? I have seen it at several craft shows and couldn't quite figure out what they were using. The method appeared to be the push and squosh style but couldn't figure out what was between the tess. You could tell it appeared to be stained. Recently when I was at a craft show admiring a cross a gentleman asked, you know what that is holding the stones on? and of course I replied NO WHAT. He said his wife did them and she uses Liquid Nails. I would think it might get expensive,not sure how far a tube might go. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has ever heard of this.

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I saw it on a YouTube "how to" video once on mosaic. But since no one on this forum used it and all the books I have say to use thinset for outdoor stuff, I've never tried it.

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Hi girls, I used the heavy duty interior/exterior liquid nail on my fence and in my kitchen.. It works great!

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I have used lots and lots of liquid nails clear for many of my outdoor projects and it is the adhesive of choice for metal and fiberglass. I have a penny fountain covered in pennines that has been outside and pumping water for over 10 years and all the pennies were adhered with liquid nails. It will work for you where thinset won't.

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Ooh, good to know. I like that you can squirt it out in a neat little line as opposed to thinset that I spread on with a putty knife.

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Thanks for all the feed back......think I better get me some liquid nails!!

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Liquid Nails "construction grade" still comes in caulking gun size here in FL, but the small tubes are only sold with Green Guard additive (environmental thing) and this varies by state.
I've been using Liquid Nails for the 12 yrs I've been creating mosaics and it's till my favored adhesive, including the pillars I created on the front of our home, I used it with mesh. New Green Guard just takes longer to set-up, but otherwise same adhesive hold as the orginal formula
For stained glass or clear, I use DAP KWIK Seal Kitchen & Bath Adhesive Caulk.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flamingo Fanny Mosaics FB

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I have used liquid nails in the squeeze form when I have friends or neighbors over to mosaic so that everyone can have their own glue source. Otherwise I use a glue gun with GE silicone II clear for doors and windows. Sometimes if I am doing something quickly or don't want to get out the big gun, I will pull out the smaller tube of liquid nails and use it. Seems pretty much the same result to me.

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I moved into a house that has a loose toilet. The owner won't fix it unless I pay $150.00. She say's it wasn't loose when I moved in. I'm moving when my lease is up and it needs to be secure to the floor for me to get my large deposit back. Will Liquid Nails hold secure it in place until I move?

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Afraid you'll have to call a plumber. The toidy probably needs a new seal.

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Replacing the seal isn't as hard as one might think. I have actually done one with a girlfriend once, it was a real Calamity but we did it!!!heh heh! Girl Power!!! As for liquid nails...I'm SOLD! I want to get 2 patios done this year, both 10'x10' and my stonemason buddy who lives with us, suggested it, so I went out and bought a to find the time to get started on that particular project...maybe if I clone myself!!!

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I would NOT recommend using liquid nails on outdoor projects. I've had several mosaic gazing balls that the grout and pieces of glass just fell off after being out in the sun. I've had other pieces that still look great after 6 years. Could have been some bad glue; don't know but won't take a chance again. Since I've started using GE II window & door silicone sealer, I have not had that problem.

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I have never tried Liquid Nails. I have used GE Silicone II Clear Window and Door sealer and it is holding up outside beautifully. I have a metal bird bath that I am wanting to mosaic and I'm trying to decide what adhesive to use.

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I know this is an old thread, but Liquid Nails comes in a clear - would that work just as well for gluing stained glass in place?

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I use liquid nails when I want to attach stained glass to metal, outside. I've also used on bowling balls. I get mine in a big can, like a paint can. I scoop out what I think I'll use into a small disposable container. It is messy/sticky but works great. Oh, it does have a strong odor but I always work in a good ventilated area or outside.
The one I use is not clear, looks like putty. I do not do push and squish with it but do grout instead.

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I'm doing a bird bath with stained glass - hence my desire for clear...not that it may matter :( I'm planning on adhering straight to the concrete bowl then grouting with the Mapai product. Not really wanting to use a thinset simply because I don't want the extra "layer" or the extra mess! Just want to make sure the Liquid nails will be okay for this purpose.

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