Strip and Re-stain OR Paint these End Tables?

fillagirlSeptember 14, 2013

Hello, I bought these two end tables at a thrift store because I liked the size and shape and thought they'd go with my furniture. They look like they are maple wood, made in the 1950s.

I want them to be black or near black. Wondering whether I should:

1) Strip and re-stain them OR
2) Sand them down and paint black

The top has a nice pattern (quadrant) but it's not essential that you see it. The tables have a few dings and one of the tops has a cigarette burn.

What recommendation would you make re: re-staining or painting? Also, I understand maple is hard to stain...should that factor in the decision?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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I'd think about varnish on top and oiled, black milk paint elsewhere. If the varnish didn't work out, I'd paint the tops black, too.

I'd ignore the cigarette burn except to sand the edges flat and to try to fill it with varnish. Embrace that '50s Betty Davis style. Someone with a good eye and steady hands could probably obscure it a lot with artist's paints.

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It's really a blank canvas at this point -- do with it what you want to end up with.

If you are going to paint: only recommendations are:
- Clean thoroughly with both dish detergent and water, then mineral spirits.
- Sand only enough to dull the finish
- Fill the burn with putty and sand to level
- Apply shellac or shellac-based primer (e.g., BIN) as a barrier / bonding coat. This will seal in any potential silicone oil (Pledge) contamination
- Paint

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