Lacquering Walls

beekeeperswifeAugust 20, 2012

Has anyone lacquered a painted wall to give it a very high glossy shine? I want the walls to look wet. I'm not posting a picture, if anyone wants to see what I'm talking about, just google lacquered walls under images.

If so, can you tell me what you used and if there are any tricks to it so it looks good, no, great.



Here is a link that might be useful: my google search results

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It's basically just a basecoat clearcoat application. But the surface you start with must be PERFECT. The trick to it looking great is to have impeccable drywall work or a hand plastered wall from a true professional. Glossy surfaces show every single imperfection. The other secret is spray application from a professional with the right equipment and lots of coats of clear, with wet sanding to polish it out. That generally is best done in a shop and "panels" applied to a wall rather than attempting to do it in a home. There is no good water based lacquer, and it's pretty toxic and stinky, not just to apply, but to cure.

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l_w_o....ugh. That's what I thought. I read about having it sprayed. Oh well, that isn't happening. I guess I'll go the other direction...dead flat. I love that BM Matte finish.

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I have the BM Matte in dark colors in my kitchen and in the DR...Thyme Green and Belgian Chocolate. I love the finish and always think it looks so lush.

But...boy oh boy those black walls in your link..that bathroom...whew baby...I sure would do that in a heartbeat if i had a place to do it....c

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My painter has also done it with Fine Paints of Europe in the ultra high gloss finish.

They did 7 coats of spackle and sanding prior to applying the paint in the last application I am aware of (for someone else, I couldnt afford this)

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