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tmy23September 2, 2009

Hello to all. I have built a wooden range hood in our kitchen and have a removable panel on the front, so that I can gain access to the ventilation equipment inside. I could use magnets from behind this "cover" but wanted to use something more decorative. I remember seeing in the past small, flush mount decorative metal "buttons" with wood screws on the back, or even low profile knobs that fasten to a machine screw that I would mount behind the door in the mating surface. BUT I don't know what this type of hardware is called? I have tried many "konb" sites, but it's all pull type knobs, which stand out too far form the surface for the look I am trying to achieve. I'm talking about some type of decorative brass or pewter screw head which will sit flush on the surface of the cover but can be easily removed?

Does this ring a bell with anyone?


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There was a kind of mirror-mounting washer that was decorative, but it still used a wood screw in the center.
There are colored plastic caps that snap on to cover round-head screws.
? Casey

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I'm not sure whether the post is confusing or I just haven't had enough coffee. Are you looking for a knob to pull with your fingers, or a catch to hold the access panel in place, or both? If this piece of hardware is to serve both functions, you might be thinking of the push-button latches I've seen used in boat cabinetry.

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Finishing washer.....washer head......truss head.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Rockler

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Why don't you countersink the holes, set the screws in 1/4", and then press in (but not glue in) screw hole buttons or wooden plugs? You should be easily able to find them locally in a species of wood that will match your hood and in a variety of diameters. I've done this in a number of similar projects and it looks good and is simple.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buttons/plugs

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