stained glass mosaics

kraftkrazyOctober 15, 2011

saw this over on masgo site.... this lady does some absolutely amazing mosaics.

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That's about the most specatular mosaicing I've EVER seen. Boggles my mind how anyone can achieve such work. AND they're not large pieces. Can't imagine how hard that w/be to work in such small pieces. They're like photographs. WOW. Thanks, KRAFT, for sharing this. I'm astounded.

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Wow, that's AMAZING!

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WOW! That is so Over The Top AWESOME!!! Amazing! That would take soooo looonnnngggg!

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Oh - I could do that . NOT !!!!!!!

Jawdropping best describes it. I can't imagine all the glass she has just to get every shade of color. Her pieces fit so perfect - I didn't even notice there was no grout ! Simply amazing .

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Wow! Simply mind-boggling amazing work. I've never seen anything to compare!

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