Buying sandpaper in large quantities

puzzlefanSeptember 3, 2008

I have 32 cabinets to sand down starting from the initial grit up to the fine sanding. Buying sandpaper even at the big box stores is getting expensive as it only comes in small packs. I found some online but need a reputable company, One that I found with very good prices and supposedly a Yahoo vendor has no telephone number and their address does not exist at switchboard and is unknown by their local BBB. Who would you recommend for purchases of sandpaper for an orbital sander, all grits?

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... amazon dot com. Mirka in the stick-on (as opposed to velcro, which is more expensive) tends to run $20-$25 for 100 5" disks. Perfectly good stuff.

And for the sake of your lungs, can I mention something like the link below?

Good luck with the sanding.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3m P100 respirator

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To throw another hat in the ring, Klingspor. Though I have used Amazon's Mirka and like it.

Strange, though, I seem to remember buying boxes of 50 or 100 at Home Depot.

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Thanks for the help. I just never thought of Amazon. The Mirka brand I believe is paper backed. Does that influence it's longevity ? What I have been using is resin backed. I don't have a lot of info on sandpaper terms, etc.

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I can't say I'm paying a ton of attention to how long sandpaper lasts, but the Mirka seems to be in the same ballpark as stuff I've used from Porter-Cable, Makita, Dewalt, and some Swiss company (not Klingspor) I can't conjure up the name of. (Now, who actually makes the paper for all those big names, I don't know...)

My suspicion is that clogging is far more of a problem, longevity-wise.

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I have been using Industrial Abrasives out of Reading PA for years. They are super nice people, ask for Wendy when ya place the order, she'll make ya laugh no matter how bad your day is going.
My orders usually consist of approx 2000 sheets of various papers for hand sanding. I use the Slicone Carbide/ No Load paper in 9"x 11" sheets.
For 5" disc I use the Festool paper.

Their number is 1-800-428-2222, shipping is usally 2-3 days max to me in NJ .

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Which is best?

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I second the suggestion for Industrial Abrasives. I buy their sticky rolls (I gave up on the clips of my pad sanders years ago) and their 5" discs. They offer quantity discounts, and fairly cheap shipping. I usually order online, their site is easy to navigate, and I get my order pretty quickly.

Here is a link that might be useful: My woodworking blog

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Mirka and Klingspor are both great and can not go wrong with either.

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john02139, if you were asking if stick on (psa) or velcro sandpaper is best, the answer depends.

PSA is cheaper, so is better if you're sanding so much that you kill the disk in one session. (They don't stick on again very well.)

Velcro is removable/reusable, so if you are switching grits before your sandpaper is destroyed, then it's probably better.

You might also factor in the cost of a new sanding pad for the sander if you don't currently have the one you want. (A P-C pad can run $15-$30.) Some sanders come with both psa and velcro, if you don't have one already. (My Rigid came with both, but that might have been a limited time offer.)

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I used to sell Mirka and one of its strong points is not only was the grit designed to 'break off' to new points rather than just wear off or round off... it worked! Mirka back 10 years or so ago when I sold it was sold for auto body. I dropped a couple boxes off at the local cabinet shops and gave some to people in the carpentry business and they were hooked and probably still are. I do not know about now but it was cheaper than 3m and other brands back then and totally outperformed them.

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