Ceiling fan?

footwedgeMay 19, 2011

As part of the kitchen remodel, I will be adding a ceiling fan. At this time we do not intend on having the light fixture attached; but, I want to go ahead and wire the fan as if it had a light fixture pull chain activated.

I plan to run a 14-2 feed to the switch and then 14-3 cable to the fan putting a wire nut on each end of the currently unused wire. Is this acceptable?

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Use two switches in order to operate the fan and (potential) light from the switches. The 14-3 will be fine for a 15 amp circuit and the two switches. If only one switch, the 14-3 is needless, 14-2 would be sufficient.

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Bus_driver, there will be 2 switches if we install the light at a later date: one at the wall and one at the fan (pull chain). So if the light is/will be pull chain operated, do I need to run a 14-3? and is it ok to wire nut the 2 unattached ends?

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If only one WALL switch, why would you use the 14-3?

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If I knew, I would'nt be asking the question. LOL.

Thanks for the answer and will run 14-2.

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While you may have one wall switch now, is there some possibility you may want to control that light from the wall at some point in the future? If so, run the 14-3.

They do, for example, make a single device that controls fan speed and dimmer for the light.

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I do not remember where I read the following: if the fan weighs less than 40 lbs then a standard ceiling jb can be used and if the unit weighs more than 40 lbs a ceiling fan jb meeting the fans' rating shall be used. It could have been in a book I got from the library that discussed the latest code requirements for residential wiring.

Is the above correct?

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You need to use a fan rated box.

Run 14/3 and connect ALL the wires in the ceiling box. That way, if you add a light kit later, you don't need to rewire anything in the ceiling. Just leave the wire connected to the light (I recommend red) capped off in the switch box.

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