help with old table

jenny_indianaSeptember 12, 2010

I love this table but know nothing about it. It's 12 feet long by about 26" wide. Can you help me with an approximate age or wood -- or any other information, really, based on these photos? I was told it was made from old wood from a barn. The owner thought the table itself is 100+ years old.

I am strongly considering cutting it and reconfiguring it, as the current dimensions don't really work for us.

Thanks in advance!



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My best guess is that the top is made from tongue and groove southern yellow pine flooring, installed upside down. Probably made by someone with carpenter skills (a carpenter or farmer).

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Great! Do you know what the triangular notches on the bottom were for? Do you foresee any problems with cutting it and changing the size?

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looks like it was originally v grove paneling, turned upside down to make the table. Maybe the original guy had some old legs laying around and had some scrap v grove paneling to use for the top.

I see no problem with cutting it down. You're not dealing with something of much value.

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It is about 5/8" thick. Is there any way to confirm the age of the materials?

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That actually looks fairly new, judging by the spacing of the growth rings.

O;d growth pine had much closer spacing. Might be 50 years old. Might be 30. Might be 70. You might try and research that style of paneling. That would be a better guage of age. The thickness is the key.

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