New Home Woodwork Maintenance

jkzaitSeptember 28, 2010

Our new home (built 2004) has stained oak trim and doors throughout and My husband and I need help understanding the upkeep for all of this wood. Is there preventative maintenance that we need to keep in mind?

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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The wood is probably finished with varnish. Keeping it clean is fairly easy and a good idea. Dusting when dusty is about all you need to do.

Basically, the best preventative maintenance is to keep the humidity level in the house at a fairly even amount. Big changes in humidity for short periods of time cause wood to expand/contract. Now, the ranges of humidity can vary from summer to winter. 20% to 30% in summer and 40% to 60% in winter is usually not a problem.

Just do not let the wood get and stay wet.

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Thanks so much! So we do not need to re-coat with varnish every so many years? Just keeping it dry and clean seems way to easy but right up my alley!

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I just bought a house that was built in 1965. The builder installed matching woodowork all through the house. He used varnish.

The woodwork had been dinged, paint splashed, and broken in a couple places. I sanded out the dings, cleaned the paint splashed pieces, and revarnished those pieces. I did have to restain the heavily sanded pieces.

Then I simply replaces the broken pieces with good pieces from the closets and installed new in the closets. The new does not match the old well enough to use together, but in the closets you cannot see the difference.

The doors were simply washed as the varnish was just fine on them---45 year old varnish is still good.

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