Rejuvenate 'cleaner' from to get rid of

bbstxSeptember 11, 2009

Labor Day weekend, I bought an old table. The finish on the top was in rough shape, but until I'm really sure I want to keep it, I don't want to go to the expense of having it refinished.

Nevertheless, it needed a good cleaning. I went to Home Depot and the clerk told me to use a product called Rejuvenate.

First, I wiped the table down with mineral spirits on a rag. Then I applied Rejuvenate as directed on the bottle. Two quadrants of the table "fish-eyed." I applied another coat hoping it would dissolve the first coat and blend all together. Didn't make a difference.

I have tried to use more mineral spirits to remove the Rejuvenate. It didn't work. Things just keep going from bad to worse.

Any advice on what I should do? I just want the table to look decent while I decide what I'm going to do.

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Now you know not to ask for advice from a Borg clerk.

I looked it up---advertised as a 'Space age polymer'---and 'they don't make products like this anymore'.

Now you know why they don't make products like that anymore. Wood finishing has been done for hundreds of years and the good finishes take skill and time. There are no 'easy and good' finishes.

It is probably a plastic polymer. You can try a stripper, but may have to sand it all off. If you have to sand, do NOT use a belt sander! Use a random orbit sander with 100 grit paper to get the majority of the junk off and finish with 150 or 200 grit(220 is ok).

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BUMMER!!! Just what I was trying to avoid! Perhaps, I ought to just go ahead and strip it and try to refinish.
If I mess it up, then I'll just have to pay a professional to do it right.

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