Can I get a 30' sink base cabinet made with drawers?

pinktoesSeptember 25, 2007

I want to have a sink base cabinet made for the hall bath. I only have space for a 30" by 22". But I want it 34 1/2" high (plus 1 1/2" countertop). The drop-in sink is an oval 20" by 17". At its bottommost point it hangs down 8 1/2". The cabinet has to fit against one side wall and the other is open. So, can I get any drawers up fairly high in that base? How would I arrange the drawers and what sizes could I use?

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i have a similar situation. i went to a store that sells vanities to check out the possibilities and saw some 30" bases with a door on one side and a set of drawers on the other. the door took up roughly half the width of the front, and the drawers the other half. i'd say they were about 12" wide. i don't see why you couldn't have all drawers, if you wanted to, but a door lets you use the space around the pipes more effectively. you can definitely have it made.

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Finding that in a ready made unit will be rare---but any cabinet shop can custom build what you want. A local shop would probably be faster than ordering from a HI store.

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I guess my question now is how do I fit the drawers around the bottom of the sink under the cabinet? If I have to drop down below its bottom, that's putting the first drawer 8" or so below the countertop--my back would be happier higher up, if it can work.

Could the drawers be shaped inside somewhat to follow around the sink's contour? I know I'd have to drop down a few inches. What about using drawers that don't go as deep into the cabinet base?

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The sink trap (drain) and water supplies are obstacles to the drawers.
The upper drawer can be made in a U shape to clear the drain, the lower drawer could be whole, and the water supplies can be kept as far to the rear as possible. The drawers cannot be full depth.

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sombreuil_mongrel: Thanks. So, I think with a 22" deep cabinet I wouldn't want full-depth drawers.

I found the Blum makes a wraparound sink drawer. (See the link.) It's that pricey one where the drawer sides are built-on and part of the slide system, if that's how you say it. They're metal but there's a wood-sides one now, too. Just FYI; I think it might be less expensive for me to have my cabinet maker create mine. Blum's works with their standard Pot Drawer.

The other place I found the sink drawer was at They made their own. So it's doable. This is good.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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i found the to-scale drawing i made of a 30" base cabinet i liked, with an inset door and 2 drawers. the cabinet itself is 30" wide by 32" high, without counter; the countertop will have to be longer if you want any overhang. i plan to build this myself, for my kids' bathroom. i think its a nice looking cabinet. here are some details of the front that might help you.

there is a false drawer front (which could be a tilt-out) at the top of the cabinet. it's 4 1/2" tall x 25 1/4" long. above and below it are the top and middle horizontal pieces (rails) of the frame, each at 2 1/4" wide. this covers the basin area.

below, starting at 9" down from the cabinet's top (not including the counter top) are the door and drawers. the door is 12 3/4" wide x 16 7/8" tall. the inner edge of the door is in the center of the cabinet. the drawers are each about 10 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" tall.

the vertical members on the right, left and middle of the face frame (stiles) are 2 1/4" wide, as are the top, middle and bottom rails (horizontal members.) in addition, it has 4" tall legs, which are the tapered ends of the stiles.

since the drawers are not at the very top, they don't interfere with the basin. and if you wanted all drawers and no door, you could modify it.

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egganddart49: how generous of you! I've printed it out. So, some quick math here tells me there's about 2 1/2 inches between the drawer opening and the corner of the cabinet. I'm going to be putting that end of my cabinet up against a side wall, so there are the problems of fitting it to the wall and allowing clearance for the drawers to open and not hit the wall. I'll be using the Euro style construction, so my drawers will be close to the wall. Do you add a filler at that corner like in a kitchen? If so, doesn't the other, open end look odd. Or do you just pull the drawers in so there's symmetry on what shows at both front corners of the cabinets?

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