Gel stain for veneer door problem

allebedSeptember 16, 2010

I want to gel stain a wood veneer door which previously had molding which i removed. Now after stripping and and sanding the door, I can still see the outline or shaded area where the molding used to be. Will this show when i put the gel stain on (i am going to use a dark stain). I didnt want to sand too deeply since the wood veneer is so thin. What should i do to make sure the gel stain does not make a design of what was there before (if that makes sense).

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Only way to find out is to apply the gel stain. Gel stain is basically just a modified paint. It is not really a stain in the sense it is absorbed by the wood. It is formulated to let some of the wood grain show through, so there is a good chance it will let the outline of the trim show as well.

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It is very possible the wood that was not under the molding has shifted color slightly. Most woods lighten from exposure (UV in sunlight speeding up changes), a few darken, and some change color (purpleheart).

Only a dark pigment stain is liable to obscure the changes, and at that point you might as well paint.

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