light bulbs burn out when screwed in

wearylandlordMay 27, 2007

My second electrical problem involves several separate light sockets on the same circuit. Most of the outlets and lights work and no tripping of the circuit breaker occur but when screwed in the light bulb of several sockets immediately burn out. If there is a short shouldn't the breakers trip? Can each light socket have its own individual short?

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Based on this item and the other one you posted, I think you have a loose neutral connection. It could be in a single multiwire circuit. It could also be outside the house or at the main panel. This is causing excessive voltage at these outlets.

This situation is likely to damage appliances and can be hazardous. I suggest that you open the main breaker and call the power company. If they tell you the problem is inside the house, then it's time to call an electrician.

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how many volts are going to the outlets i have seen 220volts wired to light socket

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Hopefully by now your problem has been found ......
If not you say bulbs burnout blow when installed in a rental unit correct ? Our the bulb bottoms giving you the frustration? Is this what is blowing out if so the fixtures have had the tenant treatment over tightened bulbs and shorted the center piece to the shell blowing out the solder connection to the bulb just before a fuse or breaker can trip a usual breaker has an instantaneous trip load of 10,ooo A for a 15A breaker solder melts at about 700d F it looses the race . If you haven't found a nuetral problem a 220 volt on light fixture problem try looking into the offending fixture sockets with a flashlight if any appear to be burnt I would consider this your reason (over zealous tightening I have seen people state I thought if I made it a tighter connection for the bulb it would be brighter....(sometimes you just would like to see how far you could screw them into the fixture)

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