UPS (central) support for couple of places

aj33May 1, 2013

Hi All,

I have a question about providing UPS support to a jack for my computer (that I put to "sleep" only; therefore it always needs little bit of power), cable modem, wireless access point and phone.

This will keep computers and internet happy during a power glitch or short lived power outages.

Is there a way to use just one UPS for all these 3-4 outlets that are located in different places in the house? This is for new construction.



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While it could be done I can't imagine it being cost effective.

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What is done commercially is to have an equipment room / area. It should be in a heated/ air conditioned area of your home, with a seperate breaker.

Here you should install your modem, router, cable TV, security system, etc. All this can run off of one UPS.

You'll need another UPS for the computer.

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It requires a branch circuit dedicated to running the 'emergency' circuit.

The UPS feeds the branch circuit.

With the price of wire vs. the price of smaller UPS units, just use more UPS units.

Then you have to make sure what is ON the emergency circuit.

It is often a nightmare in larger installations to make sure ONLY required things are on the emergency branch circuit, or the backup gets overloaded and promptly shuts itself off.

I even saw it at a hospital once.

Feed went out to the whole building.

Overloaded emergency generator operated for about 30 seconds, then tripped off.

It was already damaged enough it could not be restarted.

All hell then broke lose.

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Thanks for your help. I'll talk to the electrician and see if he has any experience doing this.

I do have lots of circuits - got 300 amps with two 150 amp panels upon suggestions by this forum.

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I suppose you could pick up a 15kva 120/240v ups for about $10,000, and have it feed a small 60a load center which in turn feeds circuits to the various receptacles you have a need to be on the ups.

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