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dizzy810September 14, 2011

Hey everyone. I am having a problem with my new cedar garage door not matching up to the shutters on my house. The shutters were stained by our builder last year. The product they used was this in antique brown. This stain was used throughout the home, on our floors, trim, front door, fireplace mantel.

Now, after a recent hail storm we had to replace our garage door so we decided to replace it with a cedar door. I wanted to match the shutters so I bought the same stain but it has come out quite a bit darker. We like the color but we want the door to match the shutters.

Is there anything that can be done? Is it possible to lighten the door or should we try to darken the shutters?

Thanks for the help.

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Unfortunately cedar sucks up stain pretty dramatically. You should have asked your builder a lot more than just what stain he used. For instance, was the stain diluted, did he condition the cedar first, etc.? The stain has pretty well penetrated the wood, it is now dry, maybe something could have been done right after you applied the stain. Always do a test when trying to match any stain; even the same species of wood will take stains differently. If is was NOT a penetrating stain (a pigment stain and not a dye stain, sanding the door down to raw wood might remove some of it. Good luck.

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