Cross plaque w/ exchange tess DONE!

ladyronnieOctober 5, 2008

Finally finished, basically. This was taken in natural daylight at sunset. Kinda pretty, huh?

The grout really does look green here, so I guess it really is. I put antique bronze powder on the cross, then sprayed it with gloss fixative, then sprinkled on more while it was still damp. Here's the cross up close. It actually sparkles more than you can see here:

After I took this I did some picking and scraping to clean up around the cross and make it more crisp.

I screwed the substrate to a piece of plywood in a number of places before I grouted, but it is still more flexible than I'd like, so I plan to use some gorilla glue to adhere it to the plywood really well. And of course I forgot to put a hanger on the plywood before I put the whole thing together, so that remains to be done. Otherwise, I'm glad to call this one done!

I will say this...The whole time I did this, I tried to do it to the glory of God. I hope I succeeded in that.

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Well girl you did a great job ! I love it .

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Oh, LADY!!! You certainly did a number on this one. I absolutely LOVE it, and w/go back to look at it several times. It is TRULY SPECTACULAR. I know what you mean about thinking spiritually while making these pieces, and I know what your faith means to you. Words can't explain how we work when we're Divinely inspired. That's the way I felt when I made Suzie's shrine. W/every piece, I knew it was right. Thanks for the tip on using a fixative and the powder. I'll try that. BTW - what kind of bronze powder? Was it the kind you use for embossing? On the hanger - YOU TOO??? GYPSIE and I have the hardest time w/being so anxious to start, we most of the time fail to put the hanger on FIRST!!! I like how you put the white part of your shards around the cross - makes it sorta glow and jump out at you. What a perfect plate for that. What does your message under glass say? Betcha can't wait to start another one, huh?

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SLOW, thanks so much for your kind words. They mean the world to me! The powder is PearlEx Pigment, Antique Bronze. I bought it at HobLob. Here's the verse, just after it was applied:

I printed it then glued it to colored/textured glass, trimmed around the glass, then glued it to the substrate. I did find that the grout bled moisture into the paper about 1/4" all the way around, but it has since dried with only a faint discoloration which doesn't bother me.

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It's done, and it's gorgeous. It's a really beautiful piece. It looks like the cross has a halo or is shining. What a wonderful thing.

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Another beautiful piece! I love all the stuff in there and how it all fits together.....lovely!!

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This really did turn out to be a unique & intriguing piece! Very nicely done! So what are you planning to do with it? Do you have a special place where everyone can enjoy seeing it?


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LadyR.......that is devine! I love it! Take a bow!

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Roni, it's beautiful! You've really given me a challenge to live up to when I use my cross that you sent me. Hopefully, Divine inspiration will guide me and my piece will put forth the same loving message that yours does!


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Wow, you did a beautiful job. This cross is truly an inspirational piece.

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Wow! That is truly a beautiful piece. Very inspiring too!

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Roni this is a very beautiful piece. I can't pick out any one item that makes it shine. Very nice job.

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Hi, I'm new to this site, just joined tonight. I LOVE your piece. I am a beginning mosiac artist? :-) I have done a few pieces, and I love it. Your piece is absolutely beautiful I love what you did it "to the glory of God." When we honor Him, no matter what we are doing, we will be truly blessed. Keep on making beautiful things, God is pleased!

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Thanks again, everyone.

SWEETNANNY, I like your name :) I'll bet you ARE one, too! Thanks for your kind words, and WELCOME!

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