Kolbe Window Rolled or extruded

from_a_buick_8November 6, 2009

I know have quotes for a Kolbe wood window, the price for a full install of these are very close to what I have from Andersen and Pella, but for one exception.

I was quoted two prices one for the Kolbe Ultra traditional and one for the Ultra Sterling, the difference being the Sterling has an extruded exterior cladding and the Traditional has the roll form exterior cladding. The Sterling is about 15% higher.

Neither of the Kolbe quotes includes the grilles we want so this may push them a little higher then the Andersen and the Pella quote. We have pretty much ruled out the Pella window and the contractor that installs Marvin in our area was out and took measurements last night so we expect to hear from them soon.

We still need to see the Kolbe and the Marvin window in person, but hope to do that in the next few days.

Now my question is having the Extruded cladding worth the extra 15%

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It's ashame you have to come here to get those questions answered.

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Personally i would spend the $ if you can and get the Sterling which is the all Extruded unit. The Metal is obviously thicker and the color of the sash will be the same as the frame for the entire lifetime of the units frame, which may not happen if you go with the roll form as the gauge is much thinner on Roll Form(think coke can)

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Thanks afsa, we have not seen the Kolbe window yet but from the post I have read on here it does sound like the extruded is the way to go.

Ibwindows - I guess I worded my initial post incorrectly, what I was looking for opinions from folks on here if they thought the 15% difference in price was a true reflection of the difference in value between the two products.

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