Countertop with water of wood

aliris19September 9, 2013

It's clear many, many here and in kitchens and baths too have managed to make countertops over the years that have weathered water on and around them.

I have a dresser that I want to turn into a vanity with a bathroom sink in its top. I'd prefer to use an undermount sink that I have and frankly, lift up the wood top, brace underneath and finish the top tighter than a drum and set it back down on the sink.

I see many, many examples of people with wood sountertops set around sinks who are happy with them. But many are not as well. I had someone else finish another dresser for me in this way and it is a rotted mess. And then my neighbor who is a woodworker just shakes his head at this, saying that water and wood don't mix, he's seem too many problems over the years etcc.....

But still I want to try again. My questions: is there one "best-for-water" finish or does it depend on the wood in question? Can this be done on a dresser top that's not all that thick? Can you really lift off the top, place it and refinish it and wind up with a thick-enough top? What is the finish(es) that all these people are using that works so excellently?

Thanks for your information about what finish(es) work so well with water -- and why it sometimes does not, whether that's due to the product used or faulty workmanship, for example?

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All the reasons you named plus a few. First I will tell you how I overcame water damage in projects with top mounted basins and vessel sinks. Take a drawer to a retailer of Wilson Art,Formica or other high pressure laminate sheets. They will have several samples on display plus dozens more "on a chain". Chose a pattern and color you like with the drawer. Applying the laminate is beound capibility of all but talented woodworkers so you make the call. That's all there was to it on mine but with undermount,you have to do somthing about raw wood cutout around rim of sink. 2 part epoxiy or a very tricky install of same laminate as top are two options. I highly reccomend useing a non-hardening non-drying product between sink and bottom surface of dresser top. The sources I get it is glass companies,rv dealers and metal building material outlets. I have never seen a varnish,oil,polyuarthane or other finish stand up to counter top use. I have asked bar owners and all have said they refinish natural wood tops often.
I prefer useing marble,granite or other solid material as replacement for dresser top when doing under mounts.

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