refinishing a koa wood kitchen table

tutu.smithSeptember 29, 2011

I have a koa wood kitchen table that is getting gummy on top. Not sure what finish was put on it but it has several gummy spots and things stick to it. It also has cracks between the boards where caulk or something is chipping out. It is about 6 years old. Need advice on stripping, sanding or what to so to refinish and make this table look good and be able to be used by the family without worrying about homework sticking to the table. Wondering how to handle the cracks? Scrape out the stuff and leave them o fill with what? Any suggestions would be welcome. Please be detailed as I have never refinished wood before. Thanks!

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You should try to post a photo of the table. The first thing is to clean it. (Soap and water and/or mineral spirits) Next is to determine the existing finish or just go hell-bent and strip it. Try checking a small area on edge with de-natured alcohol to see if it removes the finish (I doubt if it will), if so it is shellac. Next try Lacquer thinner, if it comes off, it is lacquer. (most likely).

More importantly, initially, I'd try to determine what's going on with the joinery. "caulk or something is chipping out" is not normal. Are the joints tight or open? And you're sure this is solid Koa?

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