Triple Window spacing

jslindqNovember 10, 2012

We had a miscommunication with our builder, and the 3 living room windows are framed closer than we intended. There is 6.25" between window rough in. We wanted to have 6" of drywall between the edges of the finished window 2.25" trim, with each window cased and trimmed individually. As I see it, we have 3 options. I'd appreciate any feedback!

1. Move the windows to original desired spacing. (Obvious choice, but may not be feasible, due to timing, money and the fact that the error is partly our fault.)

2. Install individual casing and trim around the windows, similar to initial design, but the amount of drywall between window trim will be 2.75", instead of 6". Is this awkwardly close?

3. Install a casing and trim around the group of three windows and put a mulling piece between the windows. I like this look, but the moulding between the windows would be about 7". Is this too wide, especially with the standard 2.25" trim around the window? What size outer trim would balance this wide inner mulling?

Thanks for your help!

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1. Somewhat agree. I wouldn't start re-framing unless your carpenter is cheap and will split the cost with you.

2. I don't think 2.75" is too close and we see stuff that is all over the map.

3. This might be okay if you could find a 7" casing to match the style of the window trim.

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