Finishing an oak desktop (new wood) and have a question or two?!?

david123September 26, 2008

We are doing a bit of a facelift for our kitchen and are adding a few stained oak pieces to mostly off-white painted cabinetry. A few open bookcases with oak beadboard were to be stained, the beadboard on the island too, and an oak desktop.

I started with the oak beadboard backed bookcases. An oil based stain, then two coats of Zar quick dry oil based polyurethane. A bit of bubbling/heavy areas that sanded just fine with 220 grit, and the final coat looked great. The larger pieces of beadboard, not as good- the second coat still has some unevenness that I guess I will be sanding and recoating a third time.

My question is this...should I continue this same process with the oak desktop? Will I get less bubbling/unevenness with a regular zar poly vs the quick dry? I have been using a vacuum and tack cloth between coats to minimize blips but I guess I'm still having some problems. I am using a china bristle brush.

I want the desktop to be durable, and "match" the other pieces going into the room, so will a different polyurethane clash with what I have already done?

Help! Thanks so much!!

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The only clash would be if you changed varieties of poly---water based to oil/oil to water.

I quit using tack cloths years ago---blue paper towels dampened with solvent(for the finish being used) works much better, in my experience.

I also get better results with poly when using a Purdy(my favorite) or other good man made bristle brush. The china bristle is best for oil based finishes, while the man made is better with water based finishes. But, for me, the man made gives better results with both. But, with the man made brush, I find wiping any excess off the brush on the can/container causes air bubbles---brushing an area more than three strokes also causes bubbles.

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Interesting- I accidentally used my corona cortez with oil based primer and loved the finish, but wondered why I wasn't supposed to use it? I'll run out and get some blue paper towels (we used to have some but ran out). Thanks SO MUCH! I assumed that a bristle brush always meant natural bristle, never really thought about using my man made ones on the poly for some reason.

Have a good day!

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