PoorOwnerSeptember 30, 2008

I am building up top coats with gloss varnish in spray cans, so far so good, I had planneed on spraying a satin coat as the last, but it is looking like it will take two coats to get even coverage, from a spray can, because it is easy to miss some spots.

Should I just use an abrasive on the gloss coat and forget about the satin?

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I would...

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Your choice. It's often a good idea to apply two coats of the final sheen.

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I will need to do 2 coats of satin because it is getting difficult use abrasive in the grooves and tight spots.

Question is though the can recommend 3 coats is there any problem spraying 4-5 coats total? It's a Spar Varnish, I heard too thick of a coating will crack or peel?

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