I mosaic-ed my kitchen. WIP

angs_poolOctober 6, 2010

I hope I don't get tired of it because there is no turning back now... :)

sorry the pics are so big...


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That is very cool!!!!

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Wow, I love it! I also love your faux painted walls--what a beautiful shade of terracotta that is in your dining room! And I adore your red glass bar lights, and what's that interesting looking plant stand you've got in the top picture?

Okay, okay, I'm supposed to be looking at your rock, LOL. I really like it. I think it adds to the rustic look you've started. I would definitely keep it stopped at the cabinet like you've got, mostly because I also like the rest of your decor so much. But this is really, really nice! I love seeing people have some fun with their homes. Too many people are afraid to do too much--I think because the decorating shows are always thinking resale and worrying about appealing to each and every buyer out there (i.e., beige).

I would love to see more pics when it's done!

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What LORI said. You l'il heifer!!!!! You're the fastest mosaicist around. It's BEAUTIFUL. Love it all, and like LORI said, I love your decorating. I'm the same way about attaching things to my home - not my problem to sell it after I move to Heaven.

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Very nice, what color grout will you use?

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WOW! What a Go Getter You are!!!! I love the amber glass pcs in it! Too bad I'm so far away, I'd help ya grout!!!

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I love your "go for it" attitude. It's looking great I love the big wall the most. Be sure and post the grouted results.

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What a beautiful home you have! and the mosaic is lovely. that is slate correct? are you going to seal that before grout? because I think grout on that rock would be a bear to clean off if not sealed first.

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Way to go..You are definitely fast and have done a beautiful job.

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Beautiful job - I love the yellow/gold stones!

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Hi girls, Thanks I was hoping you would like it. Lori~ :) that is actually a topiary plant with my spice rack behind it. That does look weird in the pic. & We won't be moving, We plan on our kids (13 & 8) bringing our grand-kids here. Thanks for the compliments on the paint, I just ragged it with the darker living room color. Slow~I was so excited when you called me l'il heifer!!!!! Funny huh?! Emtnest~I used black grout and Calamity I would have LOVED to have had you here to help, it is the messiest thing ever! Wackyweeder~It is slate and I did have to seal it before grouting it.
I just love you girls, Thanks so much! Means a lot to me...
It has been so nice to look at my kitchen and be glad that I decided to do it. My husband wasn't sure he would like it, he thought it may be too much slate, then once I got the kitchen done he's the one that asked me to do the wall behind the bar stools. I'll post more picture soon..

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