French casement window 55 5/8' tall x 60' wide, mistake?

threeapplesNovember 8, 2011

I'm trying to decide how many inches I should have between the counter top and the bottom of the window and the builder is suggesting we do the above-stated measurements for our french casement window, but the size seems off to me. This is a Georgian style home and I feel like wide casements will look odd or contemporary. Any thoughts? thanks.

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What type of trim are you going to run around the window and do you want an interior sill (stool)?

That will be the biggest determinant of where to put that window.

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I'm not sure what you mean by French - definitions on the internet seem to vary, maybe inward opening, or no central mullion.

For size, I think much depends on the window design, for example, whether you have any lights planned (I think lights is the right term for subdividing the pane with a grid...). The size of the unit itself is not necessarily modern... but to have it just divided into two plain panes may be. I have a window like that on the back of my 100-y-o Victorian house and it is true that it does not look original. On the other hand, it looks fine - it is a wood window, which helps - and we really enjoy its clean, open feel from inside.

For placement above the counter, I agree that the related internal issues should be paramount. What might you want to put on or do on that counter, and what space will your window treatments leave you? And if the window opens inward, the sashes have to clear whatever is likely to be on the counter. If they'll knock over a wineglass, they're too low :-)

Here is a photo of a recent local craigslist ad for an antique window (1889, from a church) that has similar dimensions to yours, just to show that older windows were not all vertical sliders, though I'm not sure what an authentic Georgian would have had...

Karin L

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check out

Great articles on windows, proportions etc. He's been a big help to me.

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