screwing hinges in plywood edge

lam702September 26, 2013

We are getting new doors for our kitchen cabinets. Our face frames are 3/4 plywood with oak veneers and we wanted to use concealed hinges on the doors (currently the doors have exposed hinges) I say that you should not screw into the edge of plywood which is where the concealed hinge would have to go. I think the plywood would split or at least in time, the stress of opening and closing the doors would make the hinge weak and eventually not hold. My husband says it will be fine that way. Who is right? Unfortunately, we've already ordered our doors so we have to somehow work this out. But I don't want to have the door falling off after a few weeks. I read that a possible option is to bore a hole in the front of the frame and insert a wooden dowel plug in it, then you can screw the hinges through the dowel. How strong would that be? Please help!!!!

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The hinges can be screwed to the inside of face frame rather than the edge. Your husband is right,no screws between plys.

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Fori is not pleased

You're right, he's wrong, but are you both sure that the hinges actually require screwing into the edges? They probably don't, but if they do, is it too late to return those?

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pre-drill your holes with the correct size pilot hole, perhaps use a bit longer screw than comes with the hinges and you'll probably be fine. There are many theoretical reasons why it's a bad idea, but in practice for a light load like a cabinet door it seems to work out OK.

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