Okna 400 v. Okna 500

lilhillyNovember 2, 2011

Just got a quote on Okna 400 and Okna 500. I know the differences between the two windows, but am not sure whether the price differential justifies going with the 500. Can anyone help?

Quote was about $350 per window for the 400 and about $460 per window for the 500, so around a $1500 difference total (we're replacing about 13 windows). We expect to move in about three years, so would not recoup the money in saved energy costs. (We don't have central air and our baseboard radiators only yield about a $150 gas bill per month, at worst, during the winter-time.) The 500 would come with triple-pane glass, incidentally.

My gut is telling me to go with the 400 under the circumstances, but I usually don't like to pick an entry-level model. What do you think?

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I don't know what part of the country you are in but $460 a window for the 500 series is ridiculously cheap..I've never seen that window priced under $500 even for the most basic install..I'm at a loss for words. As far as the 400 series priced that cheap,..how is he making a profit ?

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Okay . . . not terribly helpful as responses go, I have to say. Let's assume it's 10,000 total versus 8,500 if that helps you wrap your head around it :-) Is the 500 over the 400 worth paying $1,500 for, assuming we won't be in the house for longer than 5 years.

As far as the price goes, the installer has been around for 30 years and is A+ rated by BBB. The triple-pane glass was an Okna-to-dealer incentive, so maybe they are offering price incentives as well? I know this year has been much harder for the industry than the two previous, due to the expiration of the larger tax credit.

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Let me also be more precise about my math, because one of the windows is a picture window. DH's work out to $506 for the 500 and $386 for the 400, so still the same differential.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The 500 series has a slightly more colonial exterior and a bit more detail in the extrusion, an accessory groove to tuck the trim coil into, a slightly better air infiltration number, and is generally more well received.

Given the numbers you have been quoted, I would go with the better window if you can swing it and that is a price that is much lower than I have ever seen. He is very close to straddling the point where the window project is being done at a loss in my opinion but if you like the contractor and the product, I would do it.

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I agree. He is actually losing money at that price even if he is paying his installer minimum wage ( god forbid) ..

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I agree. He is actually losing money at that price even if he is paying his installer minimum wage ( god forbid) ..

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That price is so low, I would be very wary. Make sure everyting is in writing and make sure you understand all the details. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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The contractor is Okna's licensed dealer in my area, they have been in business for around 30 years, and they have only positive reviews on Angie's List (and an A+ on BBB with no complaints listed, resolved or unresolved). I do have the price in writing. If I ask to see some samples of prior work in order to check the quality of the installation, what should I look for as signs of a bad install?

FWIW, a poster from this week on the other board you folks frequent said he/she just got a quote for $368 per window for Okna 400, Deluxe package. Mine's higher at $386 -- and not for Deluxe -- so it doesn't seem crazy . . .

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It's probably the same installer. Anyone who does a job that cheaply and actually loses money needs to have his head examined and is also in dire need of a financial planner.

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I just received an estimate for Okna 400 Deluxe for $350 each installed. Have prices come done recently or do you all still consider this too good to be true? This comes from a highly reputable company with excellent ratings on Angie's List and a nearly spotless BBB record.

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Sounds too cheap to me but there are guys on here you can tell you better than me. You sure they included everything as that actually sounds closer to just the material pricing?

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i almost didnt comment on this but i am. 350 is absolutely ridiculous, they are literally losing money; dont know what else to say. of course they could be counterfeit windows from china.lol

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They claim this includes everything except the option of grids for $60/window.

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I would have to agree. A quality window cannot be installed for $350 or $386 or $3-anything if that includes capping etc. Maybe if it is a one man show with no office, no overhead, and he is just coming in and doing a 20 minute "caulk and walk" install that could be possible. Even then, there is little to no profit.
Definitely too good to be true.

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Thanks for the info everybody. I really don't know what to do here. They came to my house just like everyone else and gave me an official estimate just like other companies. They are absolutely not a one-man show (in fact I think they are bigger than other companies that came for an estimate), have great ratings/reviews as I mentioned earlier, and as far as I can tell are doing a quality install, not a caulk and walk (though I'm not certain on the capping). How much should capping be?

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we have a local company that sells decent windows
installed for $198
to upgrade to low e add $30
upgrade low e and argon gas add $50
upgrade to low e/argon hurricane glass $300 per window.
these are double paned single hung vinyl windows.

these windows test well. pass air leakage & light
meter verifications.
even have nfrc sticker on windows.

I'd think, if a company only does window change outs
they get a better price on a window. since this is
the only install the price would be lower.

best of luck.

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energy rater
give me a break. you are obviously attempting some sort of spamming.
any company that offers installed windows for 198 are nothing more than scammers installing junk. no reputable company would ever engage in such sleazy tactics. its companies that advertise ridiculously low prices for garbage windows that give the industry a bad name.
dont bs people by claiming a company can buy windows in bulk and get good pricing.. thats utter nonsense.

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I am sure the pricing is without cappping, even then it is still a good price. The 400 is a good window and as your accountant I would recommend it as it.

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If the install is without capping, then it sounds more realistic, although it is still ridiculously low. Generally "interior installs" without capping are referred to as "caulk and walks". 20 min per window, in and out.

I like energy raters's comment " They even have nfrc stickers" ! LOL... as if that somehow means that they are good quality. A window that can be installed for $198 is almost guaranteed to leak more air than the old one that is coming out. The COST of a good window with very few options to a high volume dealer will be more than that. That doesn;t even include labor.

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There is nothing wrong with an interior install nor installing with out capping.If it is taking 20 minutes, then they are taking some shortcuts.One could just as easily do a cap and walk in 50 minutes.

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Wow Todd, you must be a dynamo on the brake if you are doing an install and cap in 50min ;)...
There are indeed some circumstances where an interior install is a better option, I was just pointing out what the install will likely consist of at such a discounted price. :)

On another note, the issue of lead safe procedures (or testing) for homes built prior to 1978 has not been brought up either. Is this something that was addressed lilhilly?

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My point was if you are taking 20 minutes for an interior install it probally wouldn't take much more than 30 on the exterior.One could call an interior install a caulk and walk if they are only spending 20 minutes but it usuallytakes an hour or so. Capping of the exterior takes me longer than 30 minutes, just figured if it only takes you 20 to do a "caulk and walk" it would only take 30 minutes on the exterior.So if the windows cost around $200 or so for the 400, $150 for 20 minutes to an hour is pretty good and a littl above cost.

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