displaying gog mosaics at show....

musjaneOctober 30, 2009

anyone got any hints on how to display my mosaic windows at shows...specially those that are inside and have no lighting.

electricity is not always available, and even so a light doesn't seem to do it...

i want the mosaics to glow....

how do you display???? thanks. j

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It's hard if you don't have access to lighting, I usually explain my work and the reason light is important then request to be near a window or power point.
Failing natural light or power, candles are great and their movement attracts attention, put a few really big candles in glass jars and place behind the windows lots of candles different heights and sizes will give a good show in dim lighting.
When you get there find the closest bright light to your stand then if someone seems really interested in a piece and you know if they could just see it with brighter light behind it they would buy it take walk with them and show it off in the light.
Most important take along lots and lots of bright photos showing each piece in it's best light and display a few of the photos blown up quite large amongst your work have the rest in an album.
Good luck.

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wow, thanks for such great ideas! i have thought of everything except candles and a blow up on one of mine hanging!!
just goes to show 2 heads are better than one!!
you got a website? love to see ur work...

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Hi Jane I don't have a web site but I really want one, it's on my list of things to do!

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