straighten warped molding?

chuehSeptember 11, 2013

I cut the long molding into 4 pieces to make a mirror frame. I should have placed them on the mirror to check if they were ok before I sanded, primed, painted, and coated finish protector on them. Now, they are all done, but the pieces are so warped, they cannot even be glued onto the mirror. I did use clamps to hold the bottom one, yet both ends did not want to stayed.

WHat can I straighten the painted molding? Thanks.

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Get new molding.

There is no sure or very successful; way to straighten warped wood.

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Buy it at a real quality lumberyard, not a box store (Lowes, HD, etc.) as the quality of their trim leaves much to be desired.

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Thank you for your replies. I understand what you meant

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