Fibertec 400 Double-Hung Tilt

pequNovember 2, 2010

Is anyone familiar with the Fibertec 400 Double-Hung Tilt Windows: Standard Series windows? Are they good? I could not find their technical specs. The salesman told me: u-factor is 0.29, shgc 0.27 and vt 0.50 which should more or less work for me because I'm in the North Central climate zone. Is Fibertec a good company? Are these particular windows good?

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I had done some research on them several years ago, I believe them to be a good product they were not cheap. As it turned out I had no shot at the project as the factory quoted the customer direct which I found absurd and vowed I would never quote there product again. So, if you can buy them right and they are in your budget range, buy them but just keep in mind that I did not appreciate the way they did business but that is only my opinion!

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I appreciate your comment, millworkman.

The quote I got was for three sizes of windows:

31 1/2 x 54 $386.07
28 1/2 x 54 $381.69
28 1/2 x 38 $338.70

Why do you find absurd that the factory quotes the customer? And why does this industry need quotes at all? They are so inefficient. From my perspective, the lack of information and transparency is absurd. I'd like to be able to quickly inform myself about everything before I even talk to people and waste their time.

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I find it absurd that when a dealer has spent his time and money advertising for customers and he get's someone interested, that the factory steps in and snatches the sale away. If that ever happened to me, that factory would be looking for another dealer. I don't do business with my competition.

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Not exactly what happened but pretty dam near, sky

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I can see your perspective but as a buyer I'm interested in the product and the manufacturer mainly.

What do those windows compare to on the market in terms of:

1) specs
2) price
3) quality
4) warranty

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I have no idea. Why don't you contact the factory? I'm sure you can get everything you need from them.

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