Reparing arm of dining room chair

lsstSeptember 17, 2011

I am working on a set of dining room chairs preparing them to be reupholstered.

I am toning the color with Behlen Jet spray.

While working on an arm chair, I noticed one of the arms is loose. The arm had been repaired previously.

I looked closer and noticed on the front and side of the arm where it joins the seat are 2 recessed finishing nails.

What would be the best way to repair?

I am told the chairs are from the 1950's.

The seat will cover about an inch of the arm to the inside so a repair could be made there and cosmetically covered.

Here are some photos:

View of arm

View of front of arm-you can see small hole with finishing nail in groove

Side of arm small hole with finishing nail

Thanks in advance!

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The best way to fix this arm is to deconstruct that joint and clean it adequately enough to see why it is failing. The nails are evidence that this isn't the first time. Then decide how to fix the joint permanently.

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Thanks RRM1,

I was afraid I would have to do that.

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I meant repairing in the title not reparing.

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Post what you find (with photos) if/when you get that far.

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