finishing of door frames

radhaksSeptember 5, 2011


I have had a contractor install door frames and doors in my home (as part of remodeling). Unfortunately, the finishing touches were really badly done. Caulking was very roughly and (what seems to be) excessively applied. All seams where various parts of the frame meet are "curvy" vs nice and tight as if applied w a finger vs a straight tool. I just decided to remove the excess caulking and want to clean up the look of seams w wood putty. Is this OK? Will the wood putty stick to the remaining caulking and also to the paint that is already applied?

Pls help...I have to do this myself, given that all $'s went to contractor and I am very unhappy w the results.

Thanks in advance!!

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All the parts are painted?

What was caulked? Between the casing and walls?

Wood putty is not designed to fill joints---caulk is designed to fill joints. Wood putty will probably not adhere to caulk.

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Thank you for the reply. The larger parts of frames were primed and then painted. all parts were painted after having been caulked (caulk was used b/w seems of various pieces of wood...not caulk. I have removed some of the paint as well (in sanding/scraping wood that was unevenly layered so it is now even).

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The seams between pieces of trim should not have been large enough to require caulking.

Caulk is an attempt to hide poor joinery.

The joint between the trim and the wall is one place that often needs some caulk if the wall is not flat enough.

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The only places I ever caulked were between trim and the wall---as brickeyee said. There should never made a joint between trim pieces that needed caulking---painted or not.

Your options now are basically to scrape as much of the caulk away and reprime and paint. If there are gaps large enough to not be covered by the primer/paint, the better fix is to reinstall the trim or install new.

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Thanks all. I have scraped off as much of the caulking as I can (that was clearly in excess). THe caulking was definitely used where should not have been...long story, but instead of fixing errors by installing properly sized trim, they used caulk where possible. I cannot's a nightmare. I do have some parts where I need to touch up in order to make it all look complete...but caulking is here and there (cannot be removed) I will try to use a wood filler over it - hope it sticks. Thanks for the feedback. next time I will know not to hire this guy to do the job...

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