New Construction vs. Replacement Windows

MayhewNovember 29, 2012

Hi - what factors do I need to consider when looking at New Construction windows vs. Replacement windows? What are the pros/cons, and what should be the deciding factor.

We're looking to replace all of our windows but not like-for-like i.e. replace a twin double hung with a twin casement. If it's not like-for-like then is new construction the only way to go?


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Not being "like for like" does not necessitate new construction. You are dealing with an empty opening whether you are installing into a buck frame or a rough opening.
Replacement style is a nice choice for most people. New construction (full tear-out) is a better choice when you have existing water management issues, substantial structural frame damage/rot, or you are very concerned about the potential loss of glass area. The pros of replacement are cost ( typically a couple hundred + ), your interior woodwork is not disturbed, and a far less intensive installation. Did I mention that there is a MAJOR cost difference? ;)

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The downside to not like type windows is the double hung and casement windows are typically not the same size which will make replacement units not in the correct size for your home.

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MWM, I don't follow... Could you elaborate?

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lol, just reread my post and I confused myself sorry. Typical Double sizes are different the typical casements and using replacement windows a 3'-0" x 5'-6" current double hung opening would make for a odd size casement replacement unit was my point and vice versa.

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a 24 x 42 casement woud be the sae size as a 24 x 42 doule hung. im more confused than homeseaed. obviously im missing something.

to the question, homesealed really summed it up well.

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Yes they would be the same but what I meant and am doing a poor job of typing it is a 3'-0" x 5'-6" Dbl Hung would be fine in a house where as a 3'-0" x 5'-6" casement would look odd and be somewhat unusual.

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Very true... The size and orientation of the opening will lend itself to some configurations more than others, like an opening that is wider than it is tall would look more natural as a slider than a DH in most cases. Definitely something to be mindful of :)

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LOL, sorry it took me three posts to get that point out. I was thinking that exact thought but could not get it to my fingers.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Thats what happens when you have those man hands Herb.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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