Entry door jamb repair

dorry2September 10, 2013

I recently had some damage done to my entry door by a delivery company, picture attached, and would like to know if the best way to repair this is to replace the entire door jamb? If not, what do you suggest?


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Bondo and paint

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So is this a temporary fix or permanent? I feel using Bondo might just be a short term solution, but what do I know??. I am not a carpenter and just want the job done right.

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Bondo and paint as bob states, probably outlast the rest of the frame, lol.

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Thanks to both of you. Getting an estimate on the repair this weekend. Any idea what this might cost to repair using your suggested method?

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That's too dependent upon your area. Does the guy have an hour travel time or six minutes?

Bondo sets up in 5-10 minutes depending on how much hardener you add and how hot is is.

Do you have the paint? Is it still good? If not, your paint contractor will need to either come prepared with the paint, or run out to the paint store while the Bondo sets up. Is this time on the clock; does he charge mileage?

Mask off and/or set down drop cloth, sand Bondo smooth, clean the area(s) to be painted, paint, probably at least the whole side, pack up and leave.

It really also depends upon whether you hire a professional paint contractor or Joe Handyman who works out of the back of his 1986 pickup truck or van. Do you need him to come Thursday at 8:30 sharp, or can he stop by whenever he has a day his other jobs finish early or there's a gap in his schedule?

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