Half wall ledge?

callen33September 20, 2007

I am finishing my basement this is a split level house. So around the perimeter of the basement there is a 6" wide ledge where the foundation block meets the framing. Everything is rocked and painted and I am finishing the ledge with 7" wide 1" thick wood. Where I am stuck is in the corners and the long stretches where two ends meet. What is the best way to join these spots to hide cuts and to keep the ends from popping, If that makes sense?

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Miter the joints. If the corner is 90 degrees, miter each board to 45 and join them. The corners are seldom an exact 90, so you may need to trim a little one way or the other. This works for inside or outside corners. If it is an inside corner, you could also simply butt them together and secure with a spline or biscuit to keep them from shifting.

For long stretches, you can also miter to whatever angle looks good to you, 45, 30, 20, etc. This creates what is called a scarf joint. The reason for doing this is that you won't see a gap if the boards shift apart slightly. You could also secure these with a spline or biscuit.

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Hi callen and all. I hope you guys don't mind my bumping this back to the top...and hijacking a bit.;o) My husband and I are actually also in need of a ledge for our basement. Your situation sounds very much like ours callen. While my husband may need the advice on installing the ledge, I am in desperate need of suggestions for the design of the ledge itself. We have tinkered around with certain ideas and just haven't hit on anything yet that truly excites us. I would just do an image search to get ideas, but I don't even know how I'd phrase it in order to get the results I'm after. So if anyone has any pictures/ideas I'd love to hear them....perhaps you have a mock up of the ledge you're doing callen? If so I'd love to see it if possible.
Thanks for any help you guys can give me and I hope you don't mind my hijack of your thread callen.:o)

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