justnotmarthaOctober 10, 2009

missed ya :-)

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So did I, Boodle/Doodle. You kept things lively. How's things going with your girls and hubby?

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Glad you came back!

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hey doodle. am i remembering wrong or at one point didn't you think you weren't able to get pregnant??? either way, congrats!

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Howdy doody:) They re-routed my server at work. Wink WInk.

You are correct quirk. I was told I could have kids and for a loooong time I didn't get pregnant. I met DH and BA BAM! I thought for sure it was a fluke and then BA BAM again....this time while on Birth Control AND breastfeeding! Long story not even glance at the mans penis if you don't want a baby. LOL They will erect fertility statues in his name one day I am sure of it! It will be in Ripley's Believe It or Not right next to the guy with four eyeballs or some craziness.

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