A rare GOG from me ! About time ! (long post )

toomuchglassOctober 12, 2010

Heya - remember me ??? !!! I'm still hanging around -- I peek in here now & then . I just sort of migrated to the garden Junk forum - I couldn't keep up with all your beautiful creations. The more I saw - the more I wanted to do - the more I didn't get done - the worse I felt. It's that darn crazy circle. I was really losing interest in my glasswork . I even thought of selling it all . But - I hopped over to garden junk and a whole new creative process took over . It was - and is - a great escape . Like here - the people are wonderful and the funky projects are so much fun !

This past weekend - I hopped into action again with my glass . I even took - progress pictures !

I found a pattern on the web that I fell in love with . It's of horses .I adore them .... so I tweaked it to my liking -- Used an old glass tabletop ---

( you know - the kind on the 3 - legged tables .) and made a GOG mosaic on it.

DH was hunting & I was home alone. Alone with my stained glass and a Box of wine .....LOL ..... (nothing but class here ~ !)

Here's the pics of my project. ---

I cut out the horses and laid them on the glass ....

Added the grass & glued it all down ....

I started the backround ....

It's done except for the grout ......

Here it is in the window - all done.

Bad thing is ...I don't have any windows I can display it in . I just loved it ,so I had to do it .For the time being , it'll be in the attic . *sigh* Oh well ...

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Man that turned out great!!!I love it!!

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Wow, that's absolutely beautiful. You're extremely talented. Like you, I pop over to the Garden Junk forum. They are a wonderful group over there, and I love seeing their projects. Glad you found a way to rejuvenate!

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Well looky who's back. Welcome to you. I, too, jump over to the junk side now and then, and have seen you post there. Glad to see you again w/your wonderful talent. Beautiful piece. Keep them coming.

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That is beautiful! So gorgeous! It's such a shame that you have to store it in the attic. I hope you find a visible place for it soon. :)

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That is wonderful!! Is there anywhere outside you could hang/display it? It's way too nice for the attic!!

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Way to go! Watch it tho, GOG is addictive!!! sooo much more forgiving than actual stained glass!lol!

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This is absolutely beautiful! I love the detail! Nice job!!


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