Win-Dor in Southern California?

the_big_badNovember 3, 2011

Does anyone have experience with Windor? It's a company based in Southern California that apparently manufactures its own windows. I wonder how their product compares to Milgard.

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look up their BBB... search for reviews... ask for customer testimonials...

Make sure it have a good warranty (after reading it) has a good u-value (under .30) , looks nice , and doesn't use string pulleys or lubricated pieces.

90% of all replacement windows look the same.

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What is wrong with a "string pulley"?

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a "string pulley" is exactly that string. who whats to spend thousands on windows that operate with string lol

is that a serious question?

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Most high end windows use "string pullys". The only people I ever her bashing them are those who really know nothing about windows except what they were taught to parrot by their handlers in sales training class.

In 30 years in this business I have never seen a string that broke. Do you have any idea what the tensile strength is of a "string pulley? Did you know that "string pulleys" are factory tested to 40,000 openings? The only failures 've seen have been due to a manufacturer who failed to secure it to the frame. I can however tell you I've seen more failures of constant force balancers. Did you know that constant force is tested to 4,000 openings? However, either system should give a homeowner trouble free service for the life of the window.

You need to report this new information back to your sales training handlers so they can come up with better ways for you to "kill" the competition. This tactic doesn't work on anyone who knows anything about windows. It does work on the feeble-minded, however.

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This guy is a complete dope skydawggy.

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