Has anyone worked with old bowling alley lanes?

carlab44September 10, 2008

We are considering using a salvaged bowling alley lane as a butcher block island in our kitchen remodel. We found some beautiful, unfinished pieces at a local salvage store that would need to be cut to size and finished. I've done a bit of online research, and have found some very nice photos of countertops that people have made. But I also found a post from one person saying the material can be very difficult to cut and work with because there is a good deal of metal within the lanes. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Been there....done that. When we moved into our house the guy that owned the house prior to us used bowling alley for countertops.
1. There are nails everywhere within the wood to hold it together. If you want to cut it, bring a crapload of saw blades.
2. My God is it heavy
3. Thickness
4. The wood sections are not glued together thus when you spill something, it can seep right through. Although it looks like butcherblock...it isn't
Don't waste your time

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5. only the first few feet is maple, the rest is softwood.

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