I'm so happy to have my art in....

emtnestOctober 3, 2009

two galleries. While visiting in Mt.Shasta I was able to get my big Mt.Shasta window and two smaller ones along with two mosaiced bowling balls into a gallery, the other gallery took all of my dragonflies and smaller mosaiced balls. I am just so happy to get the opportunity to try and sell my art. Will probably have to go to SF or Hollywood to sell the leg.

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Oh too cool EMT. I'm sure your items will sell quickly. Your work is soo beautiful. I too am glad to have some of my work in my sister's Gallery. So far nothing has sold but she says "Rosie" (my horse) sure has a lot of interest. Maybe it will sale @ Christmas. I'm working on 2 more pieces as we speak. And another is rattling around in my head. It never STOPS... I just don't have enough hours in the day!!!! I'll post later on both or all 3 three if I can get the RATTLING to stop! LOL!!! LATER

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LOL Cathy, your rattling in your head..they told me with Christmas coming up they get alot of business, but the most business comes in the summertime, this is an area for alot of touristy people in the summer. It's a ski area in winter, but not so sure the skiers are into art galleries...
Good luck to to as well on your work in the gallery.

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congrats ladies!

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Congratulations Ladies! I am sure you will both do well. I don't have anything in galleries yet but I am planning to have a studio sale before Christmas. Hopefully some of my stuff will sell then. Good luck to both of you!

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Thanks All, it's all new to me with the art galleries... so now I don't have much of anything left, as soon as that ring saw gets here it will be time to cut out a bunch of wings for new dragonflies...

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