Beadboard on porch ceiling - need construction ideas

herusSeptember 23, 2006

Our porch is aprx 20 x 7, very plainly finished by the builder. At 10 yrs old, it needs a face lift, so I thought we could install beadboard.

Neither of us (wife nor I) is particulary strong. I get by with many projects and she assists when she can. Our teenage daughter also lends a shoulder when needed. But when we hefted these plywood sheets at HD, my wife said "no way"... she thinks we could incur injury if we tried to do this.

Well, she has a point, but I've got to believe there are tools/procedures whereby such things get done. I'd like to DIY to save money but also to get exactly what I want. I thought of making a 'pusher' using 2x4s bridged up top, and similar.

The ceiling is 9.5 feet high. The floor is brick. I am 5'8", she is barely over 5'.


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Rent a drywall lift from a local tool rental place, perhaps a big-box DIY store. It's a standard piece of equipment that will make the lifting easy.

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Consider using individual beaded or bevel edged boards for a more authentic look. They are easy to install, and not at all heavy.

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Thanks, but did not see the individual boards at HD... any other source? ( I am in metro Atlanta)

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I don't know if you've completed your porch ceiling project yet but. . .My husband and I were at HD yesterday (we're in NH) to scope out all the poss. choices for putting up a beadboard porch ceiling. They had sheets, very thin ones, that I thought looked fake (they are!) and cheap. They also had the single boards in 2 thicknesses, with a variety of width of bead, diff. types of wood, painted, unpainted, vinyl, etc. Lots of choices! I am going to use the single boards partly because it's authentic looking, and partly because I'll be doing some/most of the work myself (I'm 5'5" and have done my share of ladder diving with no ill effects except to teach me to NOT reach too far, and don't swing a prybar that's heavier than you are!). Go recheck HD, they have what you need--we figured it would cost about $150. for materials for a 12x6 porch.

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