Replacing old single glass panes with new double glazed panes.

newskilzNovember 5, 2013

I have 2 super cute old wooden casement windows with a crank that have single pane glass inserts. I would like to upgrade the glass and replace them with double pane insulated glass. The windows are maybe 8x11 inches - the windows themselves measure approx 18x48 8 panes total. I am having a hard time finding these to buy. Where can I find these on line or manufacturer. I live in the NYC area. I would love to have it professionally done but we are looking to save money.

Thanks so much

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Insulated Glass will not be able to be installed in a window designed for single glass, the sash is not designed for the thickness to be accepted into the sash.

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+1 with what millworkman said. You'd need to replace the window. Maybe could find a custom sash maker to make you a sash with insulated glass in it to fit in the existing frame, but I have no leads for that area.

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Leave the windows as is. If you're looking for insulation from the cold, would a removable exterior storm window help, or fit the frame? The window isn't opened in the winter anyhow. Or it may be feasible to consider an interior storm window. Either may have better warming qualities than the glass you seek. Good luck.

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Windows on Washington

There are some companies that can retrofit single pane windows (not with the true divided light grids...but with clear glass and/or internal grids) into insulated glass windows but I think they are few and far between.

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