Inexpensive cabinets for rental property

narobSeptember 18, 2008

Looking for inexpensive kitchen cabinets for rental property. Are there any online or should I stick with Home Depot or Lowes? If I should stick with Home Depot or Lowes, which line should I use? I have a talented handyman, who can install them, so installation is no problem. Please advise. Thanks in advance for all your advice.

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I looked at some a while back for an insurance job. It was actually cheaper to order the whole cabinet and throw away the case and hang the door than it was to just order doors somewhere else. My neighbor has a whole garage (3 walls of them) and they look great. Shipped (free) in flat box "some assembly required."

Two web sites for them
link one

Here is a link that might be useful: link two

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oops, just noticed free delivery is within 400 miles of Cleveland that may or may not work for you.

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I just helped with a kitchen remodel for a rental property. We used the stock finished cabinets at home depot, the really cheap maple ones. The look good, but during the install you can really see where they cut corners.

This kitchen was in Chicago hi-rise, yuppie-ville, so it won't get the kind of use (abuse?) that a family of four would give it. Definitely the right choice for the job we did. No assembly required.

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Thanks everyone! I'm probably going to use Lowe's stock cabinets in white. Home Depot doesn't have stock cabinets in Naples, Florida and the IKEA store (my first choice)is a two hour drive one way.

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I have Home Depot cabinets in my kitchen, it's particleboard with a maple laminate, they look very nice. The only issue is that they are easily damaged when installing by a reckless installer. This was the Mills Pride version, the newer product they carry today is not as attractive.

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I ended up using stock cabinets in oak at Lowe's. They look really awesome and will all be delivered for $79 on Wednesday.The laminate counter tops with a granite look are also a good match.

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