Independent vs factory authorized installer

jennifer_in_kansasNovember 13, 2011

I've found a window installer I'd like to use. He's installed vinyl windows in several of my neighbor's homes. He started out with a large company, but went independent 10 years ago and now runs a small crew. He has a great standing in the community and I'm pretty confident he'll be an honest guy to work with.

I have a couple of concerns.

One is all of the work he's talked about has been installing vinyl. If I decide to go with aluminum clad is it so different I should worry about installation?

Also, he has been installing Alside. I guess you can't fault him for installing what my neighbors have chosen but during our visit he all but recommended Alside. That could be, though, because I was a referral from my Alside neighbors.

He did admit he wasn't a saleman, just an installer. He said he'd get a quote on whatever window we wanted but never offered any advice on brands.

If I went with aluminum clad, would it be safer to chose a factory authorized installer who is more familiar with the product OR would a very conscientiousness but mostly-vinyl installer do just as well?



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I'd simply ask what experience he has installing the windows you are considering. "Factory Authorized" installer may not mean anything more that someone sat through a 5 hour course. I would lean heavily towards someone with a lot of experience with whatever window you end up choosing.

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