Advice on fiberglass windows

Lily312November 30, 2012

Hi all,

I'm looking to replace the windows in my 60s-era townhouse with fiberglass ones and was wondering if there are some brands other than Marvin, Inline, and Pella that I should consider.

Also, how big a difference would it make to use casements in place of sliders in terms of energy use. In the price quote I've gotten for Marvin Integrity windows, the cost of the casements are about $420 more than the sliders for each window, which seems like a pretty wide gap.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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i would immediately scratch the Pella, they make a very poor quality fiberglass window. i would really look into Inline. nice looking window with some great performance numbers.
i prefer the Marvin Infiniti over the integrity.

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+1, the Inline offers some great performance that Marvin can't match. That said,the Marvin is a very nice product. I actually like the wood/ultrex quite a bit... If you are looking at full fg inside and out, the Integrity version of that is not very appealing IMO. I'd rather use a high end vinyl.

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I looked at vinyl but was concerned about how it would hold up over the long-term. Maybe it's less of an issue with higher end ones. What brands/make would you consider high end? Thanks again, BTW, for all the help.

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yes, higher end vinyl will hold up extremely well and quite frankly, you just cannot beat their performance.
higher end brands that are consistently mentioned by various pro's:
Okna / HiMark , Soft Lite , Gorell, Sunrise , Starmark.

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+1, you could also throw Polaris, HomeGuard, Affinity, and a couple others into that mix. No issues long term at all... I had some 25 yr old vinyl sliders in a rental property that still looked and operated great --and keep in mind, today's premium products are light years ahead of what was being put out back then.
All the negative stuff that you will find about vinyl really only applies to the lower end products that are out there, which unfortunately, there is no shortage of. The only real drawback to high quality vinyl would be that it does not have the rich appearance of wood, although some like the Okna and Himark lines are looking pretty darn good these days. :)

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