Starmark/OKNA Replacement Windows vs. Anderson?

snaupalNovember 11, 2007

We met with a salesman yesterday who quoted us a price for 13 double hung windows, 2 picture windows and a sliding glass door. Price was about $17,000. He was heavily pushing the Starmark windows by OKNA, and they did look impressive and extremely well made. However, my husband and I have never heard of them, and a Google search turned up not much other than several PA companies that carry them. Does anyone have these windows that can vouch for them?

Our other quote was for about $18,000 for Anderson Woodrite replacement windows. Any comments on these windows?



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Okna Starmark is a high end window that has great performance numbers. i know it beats out Anderson in performance.

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The prices you got for the Okna are way to high assuming an uncomplicated installation. Get a few more estimates on either the Okna or a few other highly rated vinyl windows. Also you don't need some so-called window expert who will surely steer you towards the Andersen Woodwright. Additionally the claim that the Okna Starmark is the most energy efficient widow available is a true claim. Something I would expect a window expert to know.

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Okna starmark is a very solid well designed window.
Its also one of the most energy efficient available. Its expensive but worth the investment. Its definitely a much better performer than andersen or pella.

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I have seen both Andersen replacement and Starmark. The only concern I have about Starmark is will it be around as long as Andersen has. What happens down the road and something happens and you need to replace a handle or whatever. You know that Andersen has and always will be there. Any comments on this because I am unsure which way to go.

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HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC

Valid question nan, and this really could be asked about any window company outside of the Andersen's, Pella's, etc that have been around forever and have household name recognition.

1) Warranty. If the warranty is only 10 years, what does it matter if they have been around forever. Even the highly touted Renewal by Andersen product is only warrantied for 10 years. Ironically enough, I had a client for whom I replaced a house full of 9 year Renewals that were falling apart. They would not honor the warranty because they were not the original purchaser... Way to build good-will, huh?

2) Replacement parts. So you say, lifetime or 50 year warranty is only as good as the manufacturer that stands behind it. Fair enough. That is why a thorough vetting of the manufacturer that you are considering is in order (see point 3 for more). In the unfortunate event that the manufacturer does go under, and is not bought out by another company that would continue to produce parts, most items that would require service are made by other companies anyway. Glass, hardware, etc in most cases is made by another manufacturer and would still be available. The same holds true for the Andersen types as well, btw... Think of a car or PC where a manufacturer uses a bunch of parts from outside sources to make their product (this is where someone touts Mac vs PC ;) )

3) Okna. 20+ year history, growing company, and grew through a recession where MANY other manufacturers went belly up or lost big. Look at Alside, one of the largest manufacturers that may not be a household name: They lost over $200mil qtr 4 of 2014 according to Plastics News... On product, the Starmark is a very good window and a top performer. For my money though, I'd actually prefer the top Okna vinyl lines (800 & 700). They achieve the same if not better performance (particularly air infiltration), and do so without the premium $$$ for the "composite". The primary reason to choose the Starmark is if you need the stainable woodgrain interior.

Hope that helps :)

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Home Sealed

You make a fantastic point regarding warranties. What the heck is so great about Andersen being around for 100 years when their warranty is only good for 10 years!

I never looked at it from that perspective.

Andersen only warrants to the original owner for just 10 years and the warranty is not transferrable ?

Okna went through 3 recessions ( early 90's, 2000, and 2008). 2008 was by far the worst and not only did many other window companies go under but so did many other manufacturers of other materials. Somehow, Okna actually grew their business during that time. Even GM went bankrupt and numerous banks went under.

I also see that Okna just moved in to a beautiful new manufacturing facility with some real cool robotic / automation equipment.

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Thank you so much for all that great information. I did more research regarding Andersen 400 replacement windows and what I am reading is that they are very drafty. Who would want to spend that amount of money to have cold air coming through. Hopefully as I do more research Okna windows don't have that same draw back, because Okna 800 and Andrsen 400 quotes of $700 + are comparable. Dont know if that is a high price or not?

So again thanks for the info and off to more research.

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I have the okna 800 and they are air tight. All you need to do is look at the air leakage number on their double hung and you will see its a .01 . thats the test number that is used to measure air tightness. Every window has to be tested for air infiltration. Always ask for that number. Do not accept an answer such as " its under .3" or we only get tested for pass or fail. Or they dont have the numbers. Bull, they have them. Make sure they give you the numbers on a double hung. Some lie and give the casement or picture window number which of course is low. They arent operable. Well, a casement is but its locked and just like a picture window. The double hung is the true test.

The okna .01 is the lowest you can get. I think the andersen 400 is a .22 or something ridiculously high.

You probably did plenty of research, no need to over load which can be confusing. You have yourself a fine window at a good price.

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HomeSealed Exteriors, LLC

That is a very competitive price, could even be low if it is loaded with options

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Thank you, thank you. Next time I go see the window I will ask for the number for the air infiltration. Not too many options just white with grids on the upper glass. I am hoping for a better price since I am looking to buy 12 windows which are pretty large. My house is old with the original double hung, storm windows. lol!!

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