pella encompass?

joe_mnNovember 18, 2011

ad in paper says replace all windows in house for total payments of 5900. this includes tax/finance charges. no mention of number of windows or size of each? is the encompass model an insert where you reuse your existing frame/casement? i think all new windows for 5900 is a good price. i do not see any fine print that limits window size or number of windows.

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I assure you there is very fine print and I am not sure I would put that window in the home if it were free.

Google for some reviews on the window.

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This is artic Minnesota. Not like we live in a trailer in Mississippi. It's cold up here. So some unethical window installers have the guts to put in crappy poor performing windows in our harsh environment? Darn. Thought us Scandinavian types were more honest? 20 windows for 5900 is about 300 each. That sounds real reasonable. Labor included.

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"20 windows for 5900 is about 300 each. That sounds real reasonable. Labor included"

Not really, sounds like cheap poor performing window with an equal installation more than likely. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is.

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Basic windows-$300
screens $35
Capping $65 (no warranty w/o capping)
LoE glass $85
Removalfee $35
Disposal fee $15
$535 for a cheap low end window

Or for just $100 more per window, you could get our wham ###@@@ kapow *8%%##@#*%#@ shazaaam model.

Same marketing tactic that's been used for 1,000's of years. Some still fall for it.

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300 bucks per window and you think that's a good deal ? Sounds to me as if you are getting ripped off by having some guy that installs windows for beer money and uses the cheapest available windows he can finds.
That's not a deal, that's a cheap price for a cheap job. . If you are choosing a contractor based on price and not on the merits of his ability to install and the quality of the window he uses, you are getting exactly what you paid for. No offense.
By the way, Pella do Not make a quality fiberglass window.

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