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crackpotannieOctober 1, 2009

Hi Betty,gosh I haven't been here for so long.I am so sorry about your mother,I'm ashamed I didn't know til now.Anyway God Bless you and your family. I have a question,I'm finally mosaicing again,I know you use the thinset for grout also but how do you get charcoal?All Lowes has here is gray do they order it for you?Thanks I'll post pic's as soon as I have time,I am doing a show in the Hill country at Xmas and will have mosaics and jewerly to you all I've missed all of you!

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Where in the Hill count?

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OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!! How wonderful to see you here again, and to read that you're mosaicing again. For NANA, the Hill country is around Austin - LOVE that part of TX - lived in Round Rock for awhile b/f going back to work after DH died, and still miss that area. Good luck on your ventures. Re your question, I mix half black grout w/half gray thinset - Mapei from Lowes. It's not fun using the thinset for grout, but has been very successful for me. I read somewhere several yrs. ago that other mosaicists use thinset for grout for outside projects. It's very tough. That mixture drys faster than regular grout, so grouting small areas, cleaning as you go works best. If you wait too long, use a brush - sometimes I had to use a small steel brush to clean the grout off. Believe me, it's tough enough to stay put for long after you're gone, IMHO. Soooooooo glad to see you back - have missed you.

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Thanks Slow,I'll try posting some pictures next week,I'm really proud of some big big birdhouses I'm doing..Nan,the show is in Boerne.good to talk to you all!!

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Glad to see your working again! How about letting us know the dates for the show, I would love to come and see you.
Hey Nana, maybe we could meet up in Boerne!

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