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ldg4511November 25, 2010

I am planning on building a home this spring and am trying to find a quality window. One builder uses superseal vinyl windows. Does anyone have any experience with this window?

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Superseal is an OK mid grade window. Not a great performer. I would compare some other brands before going with Superseal.

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I have heard good things about marvin integrity and pella impervia. Are there any vinyl windows that might compare to these? We are looking for double hung window with the possibility of sdls

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Integrity by Marvin is a very good window, Anything by Pella not so much. Search this site for other opinions as well.

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Does anyone know about mw/plygem windows? I was just on they're website looking at the pro 300 double hung. It says they have cellular pvc exterior components with vinyl sash's. Is the cellular pvc any better than vinyl?

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From a service standpoint, I've had nothing but problems trying to obtain parts for M&W Windows. One job had many pieces of glass on TDL units spontaneously break due to argon leakage. When they sent replacement glass, the LowE was a different color. Just recently tried to replace DH sash, and a direct set half-round. I received a half dozen parts before they got it right. Also, their warranty isn't so great. I would recommend higher end Marvin or Andersen windows. Andersen Woodwrights are very nice!

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If you are looking for vinyl windows, my short list is PGT, Simonton, Softlite, Gorell and Sunrise.

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Vinyl - Gorell, Okna, PGT, Simonton, Soft-Lite, and Sunrise is my short list.

Fiberglass - Marvin Infinity/Integrity

Wood - Andersen 400

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Thank you for the responses. I went out yesterday to two retailers, one who is an okna dealer, the other Marvin Integrity. The Okna salesman had a lot of information to offer about the quality and construction of the window. He was pushing for the 500 series Deluxe package because he said it was the best bang for the buck. They really seemed like a quality window with good thermal ratings. The Marvin Integrety salesman did not have nearly as much information on the window other than it was a really good window because it was Marvin. I think I like the look of the Marvin window better than the okna but the thermal ratings of the okna are better. Now I don't have exact sizes or window count from the architect yet but the Okna dealer said I could expect to pay roughly $330.00 per window and the Marvin salesman said about $350.00 per window. I would have thought the Marvin would have been more. Do these numbers sound right?

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No way that price is correct on the Marvins. Even without installation.

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I would also have him check his numbers. The Integrity is measurably cheaper than the Infinity but that seems a bit too cheap in my estimation.

Christmas came early perhaps.

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