Ceiling fan light problem - wattage limiter?

mpagmomMay 13, 2014

I was trying to figure out if I should post here or in the lighting forum. I usually hang out in the kitchen forum...

My home was built less than two years ago. The electrician installed several Craftmade TR-52 ceiling fans with integrated light kits. On four of the fans (so far) we have been unable to get the light to work after the original bulb burns out. We were able to replace the bulb in one of the fans. A couple others aren't used as much and the bulbs haven't burned out yet. I tried taking a bulb from one of the still-working lights (the bulb came with the fan) and putting it in a fan with a burned-out bulb, and it still wouldn't work. I tried putting my brand-new bulb in a fan with a still-working bulb, and it worked fine. So it doesn't appear that the bulb is the problem.

By the way, each fan uses a single 75-watt Halogen T4 bulb with mini candelabra base.

I called our lighting company, and they called the manufacturer. They said it was a bad receiving module and sent us replacements. That didn't make sense, but we tried replacing two and that made no difference. They then said they had bad wattage limiters and that we should remove the wattage limiters. They are willing to pay for an electrician to do that. Our other choice is that they would give us replacement fans and remove the wattage limiters at the factory.

Does that even make sense? From my research of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the maximum wattage for my lights is 190 watts. We are way under that. Why would the limiters work only until the bulb burns out?

Is there any other reasonable explanation?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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Not familiar with those fans. Perhaps the "bulb" is not what failed, but the limiter failed. Have you tried the supposedly-failed lamps in the working unit?

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No, we didn't, but I wish we had. I will see if we still have any around.

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I have no idea if the wattaqe limiter in your case is a thermal protector or current limiter. For such an expensive unit, using non-resettable protectors seems to be the ultimate in planned obsolescence.
Get someone on the scene with a voltmeter-- and knowledge of how to use it

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As implied earlier, I have no experience with the wattage limiters. Google and YouTube offer some information. One YouTube presenter reuses crimp sleeve for connections-- which I believe to be very unwise.

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Thanks for all your thoughts bus_driver. I noticed there is no shortage of youtube videos on how to bypass the limiter, but I haven't watched any. They are supposed to recommend a good electrician to do the work. I don't understand why they can't send a replacement limiter that won't fail.

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